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Lucy Nolan Adhara Dog Training

Lucy Nolan APGI

Owner of Adhara Dog Training

Gundogs have been part of Lucy’s life from birth, as her family kept Spaniels as working dogs. Once old enough, she would accompany her dad on shooting days and was smitten by the ability the dogs displayed while working within a real-life shooting scenario. To this day, during the shooting season, Lucy can be found in the beating line with her Spaniel. 

Fast forward and when Lucy was able to, she welcomed and raised her first Working Cocker Spaniel. With the help of a local instructor, Lucy put her true passion into training her Spaniel as a working Gundog.  

The success she saw with her dog did not go unnoticed and made other people aware of her abilities. Lucy was soon approached by friends to help them train their dogs.

During a certainly challenging time for all in 2020, Lucy decided to pursue her passion for dog training professionally and signed up for The Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor course with Lez Graham. After 18 months of serious studying including two Open College Network (West Midlands) Level 3 certificates; one in Canine Studies and the other in Canine Training and Behaviour, as well as training her dogs to an advanced standard, Lucy launched Adhara Dog Training in rural Dorset where she lives with her husband and two working cocker spaniels.

Gundog breeds are clever and most gundogs are born with working abilities. With the correct training of the owner and dog, they also make brilliant pets. It is the relationship between human and dog that needs to be in balance and be harmonious before anything else. A lot of gundogs are powerful characters, and the owner needs to learn to harness the natural intrinsic behaviour of the dog to get the best possible outcome for their companion, no matter if it's being only a pet, entering competitions, or taking the dog to work on a shoot.

With over 20 years of experience in customer facing roles, Lucy is capable of combining her interpersonal skills with her enthusiasm for training dogs. She offers pet gundog training in small group classes and on a one to one basis. Through her calm and collective approach, she will work out a structured training plan to help you and your dog progress through the different levels of training, from beginner all the way to working Gundog without ever losing the element of fun!

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