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Adhara Dog Training


Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor

Lucy is an Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor based in Dorset offering pet gundog training in small group classes and on a one to one basis.

Our goal is to assist you in training your dog to develop good manners and good behaviour so that you may enjoy living alongside them in your home and feel proud of them wherever you take them.

Gundogs were originally bred to work in the field to either find and flush live game or retrieve game that had been shot. Over the years, gundog breeds have become increasingly more popular as pets together with the introduction of gundog crossbreeds. Highly intelligent and full of energy, they make great companions but they also required the right level of training to keep them stimulated and happy.

At Adhara Dog Training, we offer structured pet gundog training from puppy to advanced level to help you get the best out of your dog and harness their natural behaviour traits.

Whatever your training goals are, we’d be delighted to help you reach them!

Adhara Dog Training Gundog and Pet Gundog Training Dorset
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